Dalton Institute of  Esthetics ​and Cosmetology Master Cosmetologist

Master Cosmetologist


Educational Objectives

The education system at Dalton Institute includes a learning facility, experienced and competent instructors, and a comprehensive curriculum. The course is a full-time program for a minimum of 1500 clock hours. Upon completion of the course, the student will have acquired the technical abilities and academic theories that enables them to meet the requirements of the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology for licensure, get an entry level job, perform cosmetology services offered in a full-service salon, and be able to earn a living. Other opportunities: salon owner, sales, marketing, platform work, instructor, and manicurist and stylist specialties.

The units of study and the completion requirements satisfy the requirements mandated by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology.

Our educational objectives for the Master Cosmetology Program are:

• To educate students to be professional, knowledgeable, and skilled for employment within the industry.

• To maintain a program that is constantly updated so students will have comprehensive knowledge to compete in the field of cosmetology.

• To promote the educational growth of the students using current teaching methods and techniques.

• To teach students to perform the basic manipulative skills in the areas of hair styling, hair shaping, hair coloring, texture services, scalp and hair conditioning, skin and makeup, and nail care.

• To teach courtesy and professionalism as the foundation of a successful career.

• To prepare the student to successfully pass the State Licensing Exam for entry level employment.

The curriculum for students enrolled in the master cosmetology program will satisfy the required minimums set by the state of Georgia and will include a minimum of nine (9) months totaling 1,500 clock hours of theory (250 clock hours), practical training and technical instruction (1,250 clock hours) covering all aspects of the industry. 

The first 250 clocked hours are termed Level I. Level 1 instruction shall be provided by a licensed master cosmetology instructor. The licensed instructor shall require each student to obtain two hundred fifty (250) clock hours of Level 1 training before the student may perform any clinical services on a client/patron.  At the conclusion of the 250 clock hours, students must be able to demonstrate the correct procedures of the practical tasks learned in Level I and pass all given written and practical tests with a minimum of 75%. 

The program is designed to prepare each successful student to pass the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology licensure exam, and to provide students the skills and knowledge needed for a position in the cosmetology profession.  Passing the exam is a prerequisite to obtaining a cosmetology license.

Level 1 Total Hours: 250

THEORY – 50: (clock hours)

THEORY OF PERMANENT WAVING – 20: (clock hours)

THEORY OF HAIR COLORING – 45: (clock hours)


THEORY OF HAIR CUTTING – 30: (clock hours)

THEORY OF SHAMPOOING – 15: (clock hours)

THEORY OF HAIRDRESSING – 45: 20 (clock hours) of training on mannequins, 25 (clock hours) of training on live models

THEORY OF NAIL CARE AND SKIN CARE – 25: (clock hours).

Upon satisfaction, students are then moved to the clinic floor. Students may now work with clients and perform learned tasks on paying customers. Instructors are present during the clinic procedures to further demonstrate, supervise and inspect students’ work. During Level 2 training, students are in group theory classes daily. These theory classes are designed to provide students with the information needed to pass the written portion of the State Board Exam. The school offers a minimum of four (4) clock hours of theory training per week for the entire enrollment time of each student.  Catalog outlines the requirements of Level 2 (1250 clock hours).